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Thank you to every one who stopped by our site and took the time to see our Pudelpointer adults and Sashi's & Doc's 2022 Puppies.  At this time all 2022 puppies have found great homes.   Obviously, we could not do this without everyone in the pudelpointer communities support.  Again, thank you all for your help and support with the Sashi/Doc 2022 litter !!
Pudelpointer Companions Creating Lifelong Memories

Sage Creek Pudelpointer's mission is to train, breed and own only the finest examples of the Pudelpointer breed.

We are a small family operation located about 180 miles south of Portland Oregon.  While we are small, our dogs are truly world class.

All of our dogs are treated as family and are never confined to kennel runs.  Yes, they live in our home with us!  We believe there is no better socialization than 24/7 contact with our dogs.  

Room to run on our rural property insures the dogs have plenty of exercise and stimulation.  

You can expect outstanding customer service both before and after your puppy comes to your home.  

We are not just here to provide you with an outstanding puppy, we are here to share in your Pudelpointer journey.

Do you wish that you had a truly versatile hunting dog? We are active members of the NAVHDA testing and training association. All of our dogs have scored maximum or near maximum scores in the NAVHDA Ability and Utility tests.

Our Pudelpointers come from the best diversified genetic backgrounds. Sage Creek's  breeding standards exceed any and all clubs or associations breeding requirements (Meets all NAPS -North American Pudelpointer Society). Additionally, Sage Creek is a member of GOOD DOG breeders and the North American Pudelpointer Society.  Every adult dog's hips and elbows are tested, and are HD free. We will not breed nor own any dogs with what may be considered marginal hips. All of our dogs are fantastic hunting dogs as well as our children’s pets. Our dogs have the best International genetics possible. Adult dogs are trained and tested in duck hunting/retrieving, upland bird hunting, being steady on point, shoot, flush and fall. Every adult dog is trained and tested for tracking and can used for tracking big game. We actively hunt ducks, geese, quail, grouse, and pheasant every year with all of our dogs.

We believe that we have some of the finest hunting/companion dogs available at any price, and anywhere.

We are proud of our operation, our adult dogs, and our pups. We have great facilities and well socialized pups with great pedigrees. Our pups have become accomplished companions, hunters, professionals, and much more. Pudelpointers are amazing dogs and we have some of the best. Take a look at our website or request more pictures. 

All puppies come with a one year health guarantee and are raised in a comfortable, social environment. We go above and beyond with proper nutritional and medical treatment. We have plenty of space and opportunity to exercise and run. Puppies are introduced to water and birds before leaving for their new homes.

Starting with Pudelpointer adults from the best diversified genetic backgrounds, all of our puppies have the potential to become fantastic hunting dogs as well as children’s pets. 

Contact Bill Combs/Brenda Combs – Phone – 541-315-5634, e-mail:

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