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Our Girls: Available Pets


"SASHI"- NAVHDA name "Motherlode's Izzy / NAVHDA # PP-006535
Sashi is our 2 year old female.  She completed her NAVHDA Natural Ability test with a perfect score of 112 !  It just doesn't get any better than that.
Sashi possesses amazing prey drive giving her all day hunting desire.  Combining her hunting desire and ability with her laid back in the house personality and you've got the perfect hunter/companion dog.
Sashi will be expecting her first litter of puppies around 1 Sept. 2022.



Copper is the newest addition to our Pudelpointer family.  She is already displaying all the traits we were hoping for in a Pudelpointer.  Copper has a strong desire to please, learn quickly, and has a fantastic laid back attitude in the home.

Update:  Copper recently passed her NAVHDA Natural Ability test with a score of 110/112 Prize 1 at 19 weeks of age.  This little girl definitely has unlimited potential !!!!

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